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Should you invest in a rental property? Call me first to know the Internal Rate of Return and whether it's a wise investment!

From a client recently: This is great information and just the kind of information that will help us make a decision. Thanks so much for taking the time to run the numbers for us! 

My client had been debating selling v. keeping their rental property. I ran a quick Internal Rate of Return analysis for them and based on what they were getting in rent, using a 5% appreciation rate assumption on the value, and their costs to carry the property, they stood to earn 4.21% rate of return over the next 8 years. Now they can use this information to make a more informed decision compared to what they could otherwise be doing with their money.

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Posted by Tenby Dahman on March 30th, 2016 10:35 AM

NOT an April Fools joke! Two e-mails from two different clients this week with scams out there after purchasing a home; so glad they contacted me before doing anything!

1. 'Send us $89 to get a copy of your Deed of Trust'.....The Deed is something you sign at closing and receive a copy of in your closing documents. And, it's recorded with the county which you can access in public records anytime. They are charging you for something you can get yourself anytime for free!

2. 'Regarding your recent loan, you're eligible to sign up for mortgage insurance in the event of your death to have your loan paid in full'.....This is a glorified life insurance offer. I do think life insurance can be important, as is a will and estate plan, especially if you have kids and/or beneficiaries you'd like to protect in the event of your death. However, this is just a method of targeting folks with creatively marketing with relating it to your mortgage.

Anytime you receive something in the mail that you questions, please reach out to me if you'd like a second opinion!
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Posted by Tenby Dahman on March 30th, 2016 10:33 AM



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