Why work with me?

I’ve been helping families with their mortgages since 1999 and have only ever worked through referrals.  So, that has been very rewarding and of course is always my goal in the process, to earn them from you eventually.  I pride myself on two things: 

·         First, I communicate a ton throughout the process of buying a home and am with you from start to finish making sure you’re always clear on what stage we’re in, how things work, and how you can best prepare. 

·         Second, I’m kind of a numbers geek, so happy to run numbers in as many ways as you’d like as often as you’d like, while ensuring you continue to do things well outside your mortgage too (retirement savings, reserves, etc.).  I can give you ideas that you may not think of beyond the basics and can work with your CPA and/or Financial Planner to ensure we look at the very best financial set up for you all things considered.  I can offer referrals to those professionals to complete that circle is you need them as well.

Why my company?

We are a direct lender, which means we can sell directly to the bigger banks or directly to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae. This means that we can work without restrictions of other bank overlays creating fewer needed items and a smoother process.  We do everything ‘in house’; processing, underwriting, and closing.  The end funds come from us, so we have complete control the whole time. 

How do you know you’re getting the best rates and pricing?

I do the rate shopping for you among the different banks and programs.  Per the Regulation Z, 12 C.F.R. § 226 of the S.A.F.E  Act that went into effect April 4th, 2011; This reform basically now requires ALL Loan Officers (regardless of the institution; Banks, Bankers, Brokers etc), who originate mortgages, to earn the same commission percentage and charge the same to every borrower.   It was implemented to make sure that predatory lending ends and greedy loan officers who were charging borrowers extremely high rates with high profits will now have to offer the exact the same to each and every client. 

So, from day one you know that any quote that I provide you on any given day is the best I have to offer on that day based on the loans set up we’ve done for you.  We can’t, by law, add in anything additional, so you get a straight forward quote every time.  The only changes to price for any product are 100% market driven.  Rates are lockable as soon as you have a fully signed contract.

Don’t take it from me; listen to what my clients have to say!

Finally, if you haven’t already, please visit my client testimonials on my LinkedIn page and my business Facebook page.  Feel free to like my page to get regular market updates and other good to know information too.



I hope this helps as you consider who you work with for your home financing and I look forward to serving you!