Would a refinance make sense for you?

I will gladly work things up for you to know whether a refinance would be wise.  In doing so, I just need a copy of your most recent mortgage statement and/or I the following information in as much detail as you can provide (exact numbers please, to ensure my assessment is accurate):


-          Property Address

-          Is this a primary home for you? (2nd home/investment?)

-          Current mortgage balance

-          Current rate

-          Principal and Interest Payment portion of your total payment

-          Current Escrow payment portion or your total payment

-          Do you have a 2nd mortgage?  If so, what is the balance on that?

-          Do you pay any HOA’s?  If so, what is that payment?

-          Estimated Property value?

-          Has your home been listed for sale in the last 6 months?

-          How long do you plan to stay in/keep the property?


Ultimately, I’ll run a total cost and break-even analysis for you to determine how to set things up for you to maximize your net equity over time and ensure the best pricing.  If it doesn't make sense I'll tell you!

You can e-mail or fax your statement to me directly; tenby@coloradomortgageplanner.com or fax to (303) 484-4479.

I look forward to serving you!
~Tenby J. Dahman