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I would love to help you with looking at options for your new home purchase!  It’s always great to be referred by those who know me, so it would be an honor to help you.  The best way to get started is for me to get some basic information from you.


To get started, you have two options (to do things at a time convenient for you):


  • We can talk and get your information via phone.


OR (For quicker feedback)


  • Click here to download my mobile app (it’s free and takes up no space on your phone), then just click on Get Pre-Qualified on the home screen.


Either way, here are a few tips to keep this process simple and take less than 10 minutes:


1.  Banking information - name and approximate balance is enough (no need for complete addresses and account numbers - we will add this to the application from your documents for you).

2.  Liabilities - I will pull a credit report and automatically transfer the data into the application for you, so you can leave this completely blank.

3.  If you don't have a piece of information at your fingertips, when completing the application, leave it blank and keep moving.   I want this process to be simple for you and I will be fine tuning the application that will need your signature.


Ultimately, I’ll run a total cost analysis for you to determine how to set things up for you to maximize your net equity and tax benefits.  Likewise, I can look at a variety of loan types for you to find the best fit.  So, by me doing some leg work for you up front, things will be easy when you’re ready to put an offer on the home you’ve found.


If you have any questions filling out the form, just let me know.  I look forward to working on things for you and the opportunity to represent you for your new home purchase!


Talk to you soon,

Posted by Tenby Dahman on October 18th, 2018 9:04 AM



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